News and Announcements

06.24 - Pursuing the Unite of Science: ideology and Scientific Practice from the Great War to the Cold War, edited by Geert Somsen and Harmke Kamminga was released by Routledge.

06.24 - Carol Gluck Chairs "Horizons of Hope in Asia" Special Roundtable at AAS in Kyoto.

06.24 - William Harris's book, Roman Power: A Thousand Years of Empire, will be published by Cambridge University Press on the Fourth of July.

06.21 - Karl Jacoby's book, "The Strange Career of William Ellis," was reviewed in The Wall Street Journal.

06.20 - Charly Coleman's book, The Virtues of Abandon,has been awarded the 2014-15 Wylie Prize in French Cultural Studies.

06.16 - Eric Foner was quoted in The New York Times' "A Confederate Dissident, in a Film With Footnotes."

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